Holborough Lakes, Snodland, Kent ME6 5GN

Easter Update

Nemes Dive AcademyYes its that time of year when divers and swimmers uncurl from their Winter hibernation, dust of their kit, try and squeeze back into their suits realising they have added a few pounds! Oh yes suits do shrink over the Winter… honest!!! đŸ™‚

Water temperature at the lake is on the rise, we currently have 9 degrees and vizibility has stayed fantastic since our last update, its still around 10 metres.

Over the Easter weekend we will be open from 9am Good Friday through to Easter Monday. Come along and take part in our Underwater Easter Egg hunt on Saturday or Sunday. Bring the kids along and they can take part in the land based Treasure Trail. Theres loads of prizes on offer, see what you can find!

We are now taking bookings for our Dover Wreck Diving trips, we also have a long weekend trip to Plymouth in September. The Farne Islands trip to dive with the seals is fully booked, sorry! If you want to put your name down as a reserve we will let you know if a space becomes available.

The dive season seems to be off to a good start, the cold Winter didnt seem to put many of you off. Its good to see us Brit’s know some of the best diving is in (very) cold water.
The wildlife seem to be waking up too, so there is a good chance you will see a fish or two. The frogs have been busy doing what frogs do at this time of year so we will soon see the tadpoles and baby frogs taking over!

Swimmers, we will be starting swim assessments over Easter so give us a call to book in. You must wear a suit and cap this time of year. Dont forget although the sun may be shinning it takes a while for the lake temperature to pick up so it will still feel very cold! We have a Swim Workshop on May 12th, if you would like to book just call the dive centre on 0750 762 4911 and we will provide you with full details.

We hope you have a lovely Easter, go easy on the Chocolate!
Dave & Paula x

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