Holborough Lakes, Snodland, Kent ME6 5GN

Nemes Nutters

Bringing out the Nutter in all of us

It doesnt matter if you are a scuba diver, swimmer, kayaker or a long suffering partner of any of the above 🙂 We all like to let our hair down once in a while and if you enjoy having fun then Nemes Nutters welcomes you on board.

Mark Nutter in Turkey

A Nutter in Turkey!

Nutters have been spotted all over the world.  If you have a photo of yourself or a friend in a Nemes Nutters shirt let us know and we will post it here.  The crazier the better! (but please play safe!)We will be listing our social events on this page very shortly, so pop back soon to see what we will be up to this year.

Dave Nutter, getting ready to make the bike fly!

Nemes Nutters


Dave on Flying Bike!

So what happens when you take a bike, add some water and let Dave loose to play?

A really fun day on the Jetovator, a water jet propelled bike.  After a few false starts and nose dives Dave was hovering above the water and looking like he had been doing this all his life.

So, bikes really can fly when our star Nutter is in control !!

Nutter Dry Dive

Dry Dive

One place a diver doesn’t want to end up is in a recompression chamber!  That is unless its taking part in a controlled dry dive.  Thanks to our friends at the Divers Emergency Service, Paula and a group of Nutters took a 40m Dry Dive to experience the effects of narcosis. Everyone  had a great time ending up like a group of giggling kids!

Brilliant fun and a great way to find out about diver related illness and how London Hyperbaric Chamber is a divers best friend.  Can they fix it… Yes, they can 🙂

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